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remember the compliments, forget the insults [entries|friends|calendar]
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I'm Trying [Tuesday
November 15th 5:15pm
I'm trying hard to become who I am supposed to.
I'm trying to believe in myself.
I'm trying like there's no tomorrow.
I'm trying to be like you want me to be.
I'm trying to be who I want to be [at the same time]
I'm trying to keep my mind from twisitng up so tightly it strangles my emotions.
I'm trying my best to keep up with what goes on in the world.
I'm trying really hard to keep above the water.

You Tell Me That You Need Me [Sunday
November 6th 12:50pm
So, I am tired as anything. Even though I haven't done anything that would leave me in this position. I'm begining to think that I'm really more mentally tired than physically. Anyways.

I went to Markville, East Side Marios and watched Saw 2 last night. I spent so much money. Actually all the money I've made in the last two weeks. tsk. I have to be careful I don't start spending my bonds. So no more debit for me until I get my paycheck from last week. Saw 2. Amazing no words to describe how good that movie was. Funniest time trying to get into it. Rated 18a. So getting the tickets was not to to bad. But the guy was like are you 18 and I was like yeah...he was like id? I was like I lost it I'm waiting for the replacement. So he was like what year and 87 came out of my mouth so naturally. Sweet deal. So then they were checking ID at the door of the theater AGAIN. Luckily we saw someone we knew who had their id scratched and we got in with her. Movie...so good. highly recommended! See it!

Remember more than you'd like to forget [Saturday
November 5th 11:37pm
Wow...So I think I'm going to drop history. I don't even have the slightest clue why I am taking it. So fuck that!!!!

Things are looking up...in ways... [Thursday
October 13th 10:28pm
So, a couple of promising fun outings. Maybe not so promising but hey, they still have potential, and I will be going just who with is not promising.

So really, lots and lots of shows, I'm trying to keep my social life alive. I'm struggling to say the least I spend all my time at work, or home doing homework, or home sleeping.

Social life...phase one...hopefully go to the Kathedral Friday night with Jen, maybe pop into New Tribe and get some new hardware. October 22...Jakalope concert with Heather...promising times. November 18...All American Rejects with Rooney *hellz yeah* potentially with Emily and Caryn, but who freaken knows...and a garuntee of Erin. We shall see what comes of that one.

I need to go shopping but I have no money. I start work officially tomorrow I'm so scared. Wish me luck!

Your eyes tell the story of.... [Tuesday
September 27th 7:32pm
I am so confused.
I don't really care, but as they say "curiosity killed the cat".
I am the cat, I am curious. But I am not dead. Just stuck thinking.

As I said before. What the hell is going on?
Grade 12, so far, has been the worst year of my life.
I am working, I am schooling, I am trying to maintain a social life.
I am completley exhauseted. I am sick of trying.

[an english exersize that I did]
The expression "whatever" has often summerized exactly how I feel.
because the truth isn't true any more.
because friends aren't who they used to be.
because everyone has something bad to say about everybody else.
because I feel like crying constantly.
because you're never there when I need you.
because I hate myself.
because everywhere I look people are smiling.
because people don't show their emotions.
because I don't show my emotions
because I am sick of waking up to the same old shit.
because I don't want you to know.
because you don't want to know how I am.
because you don't really care.
because I loose myself.
because the sun is always shining.
because everything new that happens is bad.
because I will never be satisfied with my life.
because nothing goes as it is planned.
because life has finally caught up with me.
because I can't play dead anymore.
because you can't talk to me at all.
because I don't want to fake a smile ever again.
because you blocked me.
because that four letter word [life] doesn't mean anything to me.
because I am sick of feeling down.
because being excluded never solved anything.
because having part time friends isn't really having friends at all.
because I bleed just to know I am still alive.
because I don't want to pretend anymore.
because I won't pretend again.
because everything is 50% lies.
because I lost myself.
because it is still possible that I am finding myself.
because school will be the end of me.
because working is such a drag.
because I don't want to describe.
because nothing makes sense.
because people have problems talking about what the feel.
because I am one of those people with problems.
because I'm insecure.
because everyone is a jerk.
because no one has feelings.
because people obsess over beauty.
because I really don't give a shit.
because things have changed.
because nothing will ever be the same.
because is a seven letter word that is used to make an incomplete sentance work.
because it's getting impossible to feel.
because I wish I was different.
Just because.

September 25th 7:18pm
What the hell is going on?

you can throw me a bone [Tuesday
July 26th 8:12pm
[ mood | exhausted ]

Another week at camp. Not bad....almost $600 for two weeks. I'd do it again. Except I was looking forward to my sleep-in tomorrow. I suppose that will have to wait until the weekend. All I know is, I won't be working next week for sure because they have a week off. Which is good.
I think maybe I'll go to Kensington apparently there's a really cool vintage store with a bunch of bead crap that I saw in a magazine. So I think I may make a day of looking around vintage shops around Dundas, Kensington, and Queen.
I'm excited for Wednesday.The All-American Rejects baby!!! I'm so excited. They are love. I have become so obsessed with them recently. And all the while I'm wondering why I never got into them before? Why? I guess because their stuff was really pop-ish before and I don't like that. No-o.
What else, what else. Oh! I did Hookah last night. It was ok I guess. But like kind of a pointless reasonless work of polluting my lungs. But hey, you gotta try some things at least once. I felt fine during it, aside from feeling really lightheaded. And I got to see Josh and Braydon, for the first time in like a month so that was cool. When I got home I felt really sick and was washed with naseau. Gross So I quickly took two tylenol's and jumped in bed at 10:30, and woke up this morning from what had felt like the best sleep of my life.
On to the rest of the week!


Fuck it! [Wednesday
July 20th 9:52pm
[ mood | cranky ]

Jeez, I'm getting so pissed off with this whole job shibang. So Markham hires me for this week and probably only this week...and then what...WHAT? Java Joe's calls and wants to set up a time to meet with me. So I said is it possible to arrange something after four, and the man I was speaking to...god forbid he would leave his name or number let alone give me a chance to ask for it...says he will have to get back to me once he checks if someone will be there. So, ok. He said he'd call back later, guess not. So I thought, he's a business man maybe he will call back today. He didn't. Go figure. I don't know. I guess it wasn't meant to be. But I am so pissed off. This was my chance to find a job and keep it throughout the school year. And now, NOW I'm stuck with one week of Markham Camps under my bealt. My week could probably not get any worse, not to mention my dad left again and won't be back until Tuesday. Thus, leaving me alone with my mother and sister. Great! Thanks Daddy!


when darkness turns to light it ends tonight

P.S. I finally saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. It was a funny movie I recommend it.


"Mmmm, whatchyu say? Hmmm that you only meant well" [Friday
June 24th 6:34pm
[ mood | determined ]

Two down. One to go.

I can do this. I pretty much bombed my music exam today. But that's ok, I'm never taking music theory again. The history part wasn't to bad. I think I pretty much knew what I was doing on that account. Although, he made it sound like there was going to be a lot more history than there actually was.

Tomorrow is philosophy. I think this one will be pretty good because other than the philosophies it is a very opinionated subject. I don't even know what it is going to be based on, only that it is going to be a very long exam.

Almost free. One more day!


wow! [Sunday
June 19th 10:28pm
I'm in complete awe, never have I seen a movie that was just talking for 1.2 hours that has kept my complete interest.

Before the Sunset

Watch it, fuckin' hell it's so good!

If life were like that.... [Sunday
June 19th 7:13pm
[ mood | intimidated ]

It's been an awful week. Really it has.

I don't think I've been as emotionally warn out in a long time as I am right now. This week has been bottom line hell. I don't think I've ever hated my family as much as I did this week. My dad wasn't even here. I hated him because he left me here with my mom and my brother and sister. All I got was shit from them. He wasn't there to stand in between me and them. And I hate(d) my mom because she swore at me and called me a 'fucking idiot' because my brother made up some stupid lie. Oh how the world of being the oldest goes. How much shit I have to take almost isn't worth it sometimes. And people wonder why I'm a little fucked up? Look at where I come from. So I've spent the whole week avoiding my mom, my dad got home last night so that was relieving, but I still havent spoken to my mom.

Aside from the hell I've been living at home.

School is coming to a close, just the exams next week and then I'm finished, and I can look forward to being at home with my family. So very comforting. Yesterday I went to Wonderland with Heather, Cynthia and Heather. Good times. We got on a bunch of rides.
Last night I watched The Notebook. I almost cried! It was really sad in a happy way though. Ryan Gosling[or however you might spell his name] is really good looking in that movie.

Good Luck to all of you cooped up studying! Be jealous that I have nothing to study for yet!


Fun! ahah [Friday
June 17th 3:53pm

Your Deadly Sins

Lust: 60%

Sloth: 40%

Pride: 20%

Envy: 0%

Gluttony: 0%

Greed: 0%

Wrath: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 17%

You'll die from overexertion. *wink*


Taken From Gillian: [Friday
June 3rd 4:15pm

Personal Stuff

Name: Kirin Olins
Nicknames: Kir, Kiki...
College Plans: George Brown, possibly York U
Birthday: January 15 1988
Birthplace: North York General Hospital
Horoscope Sign: Capricorn
Siblings: Younger sister and brother
Parents: Mom and Dad
Best friends: I have a lot
Marital status: Single and looking
Pets: Dog, Fish, Turtles, Birds
Hair color: Ugly! Brownish with blond roots
Eye color: Brown/Green
Glasses/contacts: 20/20 babbyyy!
Height: 5'6"
Piercings: Two Lobes and conch
Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: Righty
Whats one thing you would change about yourself?: More outgoing, toned muscles, cheekbones!
Whats your most comfortable piece of clothing?: Garage Jeans
Goals in life: Finish school, find a good job, get married, live a really good life
Best song to describe your life: Nobodys Home- Avril Lavigne
Five words to describe yourself: Insecure, Independant, Content, Friendly, Honest

Social Life

best girl friend: Cynthia
best guy friend: I wish I had someone to put here but sadly there is no one...positions open ;)
where can you usually be found?: In my room
who would you be with?: My computer, which equals all my friends via the internet
are you the center of attention?: No, not really ever
whats your idea of a dream date?: Movie and chill in a cafe afterwords just talking about nothing!
are you timely or always late?: I'm very timely suprisingly
wheres the best hangout?: Basements!
do you like being around people or being alone?: I'm content on my own, but I love being with people
which ex now induces the gag reflex?: I don't have an ex
whats your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?: Huge Egos and cockiness
who was your first boyfriend?:
who was your first kiss?: I was drunk, I don't remember his name! And it doesn't count anyways! I was drunk!


color: Black, Green
clothes: Right now: Capris and Tanktops!
animal: Dogs!
book: Gossip Girls, The Snow Garden
food: Steak
tv show: One Tree Hill, The OC, House, 24
movie stars: Chad Micheal Murrey
car: Convertable Mini Cooper
season: Late summer, fall
flower: Rose
number: 7, 21
soda: Sprite
candy: Gum
outrageous hair color: Teal/Blue
perfume: L'ancome Miracle so Magic
video game: Dance Dance Revolution
alcoholic beverage: White Russian
disney movie: Nemo!
lip gloss flavor: The Body Shops' Cranberry Lipgloss
shoes: Black Converse with checkered laces

stupid questions

have you ever been suspected of committing a crime?: No
what do you want people to say about you when you die?: It was fun while it lasted. (I don't know man)
how long does it take you to get ready to go out?: 10 minutes for school, 30 for outings, 60 for big things
what super power would you want?: Telekeniesis
what would you like to be reincarnated as?: A bird
do you make fun of your friends?: Depends on the situation
words or phrases you over use: uhuh, sure, alright, okie
if you were an animal what would you be?: A Turtle!
do you enjoy talking to your self?: Yeah!
whats your biggest fear?: That I will do something stupid and the consequences will be fatal for me
what would you have liked to be named?: Trinity (Obsessed sorry!)
whats your most prized possesion?: My friends
whats the funniest word you can think of?: Ohfortuna! Oh-For-Tuna by Carmen Banana! Oh music class =P
what songs bring back the most memories?: Requim For a Dream Theme...I've cried with that song so many times for so many reasons!
do you have a bar trick?: I drink a lot! And I mean a lot! and I don't puke!
does god know who and where you are?: Atheiest
do you believe in fate?: Yes. You are born...then you die! what you do inbetween, though, is up to you
do you get along with your parents?: Some times
what time do you go to bed?: 10:30, 11 during the week
what do you look for in the opposite sex?: Good personality! Common interests! (ie. music ;))
what was the most difficult thing you had to do?: Admit to my friends that yes, suicide has and still is (sometimes) in my thoughts
if you were given one day to live what would you do?: I would tell everyone how much I was going to miss them! I would stay up for 24 hours doing everything with my friends! and I would admit my feelings to certain people! and then I would die.
whats the worst feeling in the world?: That what I'm doing isn't enough for me or anyone else
the best?: Achievement
if you could meet anyone who ever existed who would it be? why?: Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin! They are my idols!
have you ever been in love?: No
whats your best physical feature?: Um...I guess my body?
whats your summer job? I need one
what is the oddest thing youve inherited from your parents?: Weird shaped fingers! WTF
whats the biggest lie youve ever told?: I lied that I was going to Heather and Carolyns, and I ended up in Ajax (with them at least but still)
what was your first encounter with an illict substance like?: Weed, on May 4th 2004 with Heather and Carolyn in a forest near Promanade! woohoo!
what was the meanest thing you ever did as a little kid?: I don'te rememeber
whats the best scam you’ve ever pulled and gotten away with?: Lying about where I was going
what was the worst punishment your parents inflicted?: Taking my door off its hinges! :(
what have you learned about love?: Nothing yet
how have you changed in the past year?: I have, I'm becoming more aware of who I am and who I want to be around and who I don't. I've changed in the fact that I actually try in school!


Music Banquet! [Wednesday
June 1st 9:28pm
Good Times!

"I can't eat something that looks like a vagina!"

Oh Rachel you are one crazy fool! Funniest thing thats ever come out of your mouth! Ahaha. And our sexy sexy poses! Exciting! Caught on film [or should I say memory card?]

Ah! It was so much fun! Food was kinda ehhhhhhhh. I've had better [ie in my house ;)] Bad service but thats a given! I'm sorry I'm not chinese :(.

woo! school to look forward to tomorrow! Almost done! It's fuckin June!!!! JEeeeez

Please Hear What I'm Not Saying [Sunday
May 29th 5:55pm
I really connected with this poem, thought I'd share it with you

Don't be fooled by me
Don't be fooled by the face I wear.
Gor I wear a mask, a thousand masks,
masks that I'm afraid to take off,
and none of them is me.
Pretending is an art that's second nature to me,
but don't be fooled.
For God's sake don't be fooled.
I give you the impression that I'm secure,
that confidence is my name and coolness is my game,
that the water's calm and I'm in command,
and that I need no one.
But don't believe me.
My surface may seem smooth but my surface
Is my mas, ever-varying and ever-concealing.
Beneath lies no complacene.
Beneat lies confusion and fear and aloneness.
But I hide this. I don't want anybody to know it.

I panic at the thought oof my weakness and fear being
that's why I frantically create a mask to hide behind,
a nonchalant sophisticated facade, to help me pretend,
to shield me from the glance that knows.
But such a glance is precisely my salvation.
My only hope, and I know it.
That is, if it's followed by acceptance,
if it's followed by love.
It's the only thing that can liverate me from myself,
from my own self-built prison walls,
from the barrieers I so painstakingly erect.
It's the only thing that will assure me
of what I can't assure myself,
that I'm really worth something.
I don't like to hide.
I don't like to play superficial phony games.
I want to stop playing them.
I want to be genuine and spontaneous and me,
but youv'e got to help me.
You've got to hold out your hand
even when that's the last thing I seem to want.
Only you can wipe away from my eyes
the bland stare of the breathing dead.
Only you can call me into aliveness.

Each time you're kind and gentle and encouraging,
each time you try to understand because you really care,
my heart begins to grow wings, very small wings,
very feeble wings,
but wings!
With your power to touch me into feeling
you can breathe life into me.
I want you to know that.

Who am I, you may wonder.
I am someone you know very well.
For I am every man you meet,
and I am every woman you meet.
-Jill Zevallos-Solak

Does anyone care? [Saturday
May 28th 6:15pm

<c>So you wander running,
Away from all you've started,
You're killing us all.

Walk alone and feel alive you said,
To bad that when we are alone,
We only feel more dead.

Live tomorrow like you planned to today,
Stop letting everyone get in your way,
Your goal should be to get through it.

Think more than you talk,
Chances are, when you do say something,
It won't hurt anyone.

Talk less than you read,
Build up what you know,
You'll sound smarter in the end.</c>



Long Weekend [Tuesday
May 24th 1:26pm
Three days of peacful bliss...sleeping in!
This weekends been pretty good, people over on friday, at em's saturday night, wonderland yesterday. Go Italian Job!
Now today will be sooo much fun! cleaning my room and all! can't wait! its guna be good! :D fuck that
Best be getting to it!


if it makes you less sad we can start talking again

April 29th 5:21pm
What a week at school it has been. Could not have been any slower but shit happens. Not a good week I might add, other than getting 80.8% on my midterm. That's exciting, not seeing any below 50's this semester.

Anyways, this weekend I have so much work to do. I'm not looking forward to it at all. But I will suffer through it. Better yet, I'll leave it to Sunday night because I'm such a procrastinator.

On to the weekend.....

I'm on the fast track to something
so nerve wracking that I can't
sleep at night. I only wish I
Knew what was keeping me awake.
But I never will. Or perhaps I
do, I'm just to oblivious to
catch on. That's to bad.

Got this from somone else, of course [Wednesday
April 13th 6:00pm
001) Name: Kirin
002) Sex? female
003) Height? 5'6
004) Eye color? green/brown
005) Weight: 125lbs
006) Location? Ontario, Canada
007) Where were you born? Ontario
008) Do you have crush on someone? I DO! ....sometimes
009) Do you have a bf/gf? no...
010) What are you wearing right now? tank top and pj pants
011) Would you have sex before marriage? yes
012) Have you ever had a crush on your teachers? no
013) Are you a virgin? yes
014) Do you smoke? yes...not cigs though
015) Do you drink? casually...not so casually on big events
016) Are you ghetto? no
017) Are you a player? no
018) What are your favorite colors? purple and black
019) What is your favorite animal? turtles
020) Do you have any birthmarks? no
021) Have you ever gotten your ass kicked? no..
022) Who are your best friends? everyone
023) Have you ever beat someone up? kinda....w.e you'd call it got me suspended
024) Have you ever been slapped? yes
025) Do you get online a lot? yea
026) Are you shy or outgoing? I'm a little in between leaning more to shy
027) Do you shower? everyday
028) Do you hate school? yeah, its like a prison...with everyones eyes burning your back
029) Do you have a social life? most of the time
030) How easily do you trust people? not easily at all
031) Have you ever lied to your best friends? yes
032) Have a secret that would surprise people? yes
033) Do you like to dance? yup
034) Have you ever been out of statecountry? Yes
035) Do you like to travel? Yes
036) Have you ever been suspended from school? Yes
037) Have you ever been dumped? nah
038) What's your favorite drink? water!
039) Do you like Snapple? yes
040) Do you drink a lot of water? of course
041) What toothpaste do you use? colgate
042) Do you have a cell phone or pager? cell
043) Do you have a curfew? yes....for 9 more months!
044) Are you a role model? pssh no
045) What name brand do you wear the most? vats this?! haha not a brander
046) What kind of jewelry do you wear? watch sometimes necklace and my ring!!
047) What do you have pierced? my ears, and conch [on my ear]
048) What do you want pierced? industrial, helix, daith, labret :O so many
049) Do you like taking pictures? taking yes being in them NO
051) Do you have a tan? pale as a ghost
052) Do you get annoyed easily? sometimes
053) Have you ever started a rumor? i duno, probably
054) Do you have your own phone/phone line? yes
055) Do you have your own pool? no
056) Do you have any siblings? a bro and sis [younger]
057) Do you prefer boxers or briefs? boxers
058) Have you ever been played? nah
059) Have you ever played someone? nah
060) Do you get along with your parents? no
061) How do you vent your anger? crying, writing
062) Have you ever run away? for a few hours but i had no where to go but back home :|
063) Have you ever been fired from a job? nope
064) Do you even have a job? nope
065) Do you daydream a lot? no
066) Do you run your mouth? sometimes
067) What do you want a tattoo of? a black rose
068) What do you have a tattoo of? i dont have one
069) What are your favorite flowers? rose
070) What do your ex bf/gfs look like? HAHAH
071) Are you rude? only around that time of month!
072) What was the last compliment you got? dun remember
073) Do you like getting dirty? if im in a mosh pit getting covered in everyones sweat! COUNT ME IN
074) Is your bellybutton an innie or outie? innie
075) Are you flexible? sometimes :|
076) What is your heritage? german/latvian
077) What does your hair look like? above shoulders....skunkstripe roots stupid blondish hair!
078) Could you ever be a vegetarian? yeah
079) When was your last real heartbreak? ...
080) If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color? umm blueblack
081) Would you ever date someone younger than you? no
082) Would you ever date someone older than you? yeah
083) When was the last time you were drunk? oh for fucks sake...new years! ive been taking a break ;)
084) When was the last time you went on a date? dun dun dun
085) Would you rather give or receive oral sex?
086) Have you ever had an eating disorder? um once or twice or three times
087) Do you have one now? sometimes
088) How many rings until you answer the phone? 3
089) Have you ever been skinny dipping? yes
090) Who you look more like your mother or father? neither everyone says mom
091) Do you cry a lot? yeah unfortunatly
092) Do you ever cry to get your way? no
093) What phrase do you use most on the phone? bye
094) Are you the romantic type? dunno
095) Have you been chased by cops? no
096) What do you like most about your body? my build
097) What do you like most about the opposite sex's body? eyes
098) When was the last time you threw up? like friggen 3 years ago
099) In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunetts? doesnt matter
100) What do the shoes you last wore look like? black converse with checkered laces
101) Do you ever wear shirts to show your belly? umm unintentionally
102) What about cleavage? some things cant be helped
103) Is your best friend a virgin? yes
104) What color are your underwear right now? black
105) What theme does your room have? musicccc
106) What size shoe do you wear? 8.5-9
107) What jewelry are you wearing now? cbr in my conch and a watch
108) What is your screen name on AIM? kirin
109) How are you feeling right now? tired and angsty
110) When was the last time you partied? oh god in like january
111) Have you ever given a lap dance? no
112) What do you sleep in? shorts and a tanktop
113) Has there ever been a rumor spread about you? not that i know of
114) What is one of your bad qualities? i dont get along with ppl all the time
115) What is one of your good qualities? i listen to ppl to give them someone to talk to 116) Would you marry for money? no
117) What do you drive? a flipping neon'01
118) Are you more of a mama or daddy's child? neither
119) Do you wear Chucks? :D:D favorite shoes!
120) For $2,000,000, would you pose for Playboy? hah...yes! for that amount of money id do anything!
in the past month, did/have you:
-- Drank alcohol: aww i stole some of my moms baileys :O
-- Smoke(d): no
-- had sex: no
-- Made Out: no
-- Gone on a date: no
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no i dont like oreos
-- Eaten sushi: hate it
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Been in love: one sided love ahah
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- dyed your hair: no not allowed
-- Stolen anything: no

Yes or no:
you keep a diary = yes
you like to cook = no
you have a secret you havent shared = yes
you fold your underwear = no
talk in your sleep = no
you set your watch a few minutes ahead = no
you bite your fingernails = no
you believe in love= yes
You get embarassed= yes

x. song you listened to = mama we just can't get enough
x. song that was stuck in your head = demotlition lovers
x. song you've downloaded = ummmmmmm finch letters to you
x. CD you bought = APC
x. CD you listened to = New Radicals
x. person you've called = home
x. person that's called you = home
x. TV show you've watched = HOUSE

have you ever:
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
-- If so, was it mixed company:
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: But OF COURSE
-- Been called a tease: yea
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Been to jail: no
-- Contracted an STD: no

the future:
-- Age you hope to be married: 27
-- Number of Children: 2
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: outside...fall
-- Where you want to go to college: George Brown
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: child youth social worker

what do you prefer?:
-- Best eye color?: ice blue/steel
-- Best hair color?: dark brown
-- Short or long?: short

Well that kept me occupied for like 40 minutes! hhah

April 8th 4:33pm
Longest week ever! Ahhhh! everyday felt like it wouldnt end...but thankfully its the weekend now.

Got my G1 yesterday, wahoo! And I went driving around the block! ahah I go to fast around corners.

Deffinatly failed two tests this week :(

Oh Well!


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